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Welcome to the Wire Cutter Store

Your source for Electric, Pneumatic, and Battery powered cutting tools.

We offer a wide range of high-quality cutting tools for sale on this site. Our goal is to provide solutions for all your cutting needs. Many of the world leaders in cutting tools such as Knipex, Krenn, Huskie, HIT, Diamond and ARM are represented here. These manufacturers provide the best tools for cutting steel and non-ferrous wire, bar, springs, chain, ground & anchor rod, wire rope, fasteners & bolts, standard & EHS guy wire, ACSR cable and Cu & Al cables.

We also feature Knipex hand tools, the world's top-selling pliers manufacturer. They manufacture the some of the highest-quality hand tools, with many ergonomic features, that out-last the competition. The most popular Knipex tools are featured on this site.  They use only the finest grades of tool-steels to make tools that out-perform.

If you don't see the tool you need please email us here or call 412-833-1662.

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