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Huskie Battery Powered Cable Cutter
Large Cu & Al cutting is finally made easy with the Robo Cut line of battery powered cutters.

Huskie Battery Powered Cable Cutter

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6.6 Ton Cutting Tool

Large copper cable cutting is finally made easy with the REC-B634YC – just pull the trigger and 6.6 tons immediately goes to work for you. The hydraulic system now features a rapid advance for reduced cycle times. This tool is similar to the REC-B630Y|but has a slightly larger jaw opening without a "keeper" guard. Its sharp blades are rated for copper and aluminum cables only| up to 800 MCM or 1.4" Al outside diameter.; The open "C" type jaw is very convenient for the operator when reaching out to cut cable |as opposed to latching a cutting jaw around the cable. The jaws will accept a maximum of 800 MCM copper or aluminum cables up to 1.4." Distortion of the cable is minimal and cables can still be sleeved easily. Once the cable is severed| the cutter blades can be opened by the push of the release trigger located below the activation trigger – one finger is all that is needed to cut and release the tool.; NOTE: DO NOT CUT STEEL.

Open Scissor Jaw for Easy Cable InsertionTested up to 75kV – For use in live line applications without damage to internal circuitryOne Hand Operation180° rotating head for ease of use and manueverabilityRapid AdvanceCompatible with all Huskie 14.4V Li-Ion batteriesErgonomically designed and balancedAudible Bypass when Predetermined Pressure is AchievedFor Copper and Aluminum Only5 Yr. Tool, Battery & Charger Warranty
Aluminum 1.4? ODCopper 800 MCMACSR – Do Not Cut

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