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Huskie Battery Powered Robo-Cut
The Robo-Cut can replace an entire tool kit.

Huskie Battery Powered Robo-Cut

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The REC-SB640 is designed to cut up to 1590 ACSR and regular guy wires and ground rod up to 5/8". The REC-SB640 is ideal for aerial bucket work and trench operations. It features a two stage |rapid advance ram for reduced cycle times. This cutter is made for one-handed operation. Simply remove the pin latch |place over cable |reinsert pin| and cut. A built-in bypass will pop off if the material is beyond the cutter’s capacity. It is not recommended to cut hardened steel.; NOTE: DO NOT CUT EHS GUY WIRE OR CASE HARDENED STEEL RODS.

Tested up to 75kV – For use in live line applications without damage to internal circuitryOne Hand Operation180° rotating head for ease of use and maneuverabilityRapid AdvanceErgonomically designed and balancedErgonomically designed and balancedAudible Bypass when Predetermined Pressure is AchievedCompatible with all Huskie 14.4V Li-Ion batteries5 Yr. Tool, Battery & Charger Warranty

Wire Rope to 3/4 in.Rebar (Sc 40) to 5/8 in.Rebar (Sc 60) to 5/8 in.Ground rod to 5/8 in.ACSR to 1590 MCMStd. Guy Wire to 5/8 in.

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