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Krenn KAMAX Hydraulic Straightener Head RK26
Krenn KAMAX Hydraulic Straightener

Krenn KAMAX Hydraulic Straightener Head RK26

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KAMAX  RK-26 Hydraulic Straightener Head

Kamax are Known throughout Europe  for  superior rigidity, durability and long life.  Available with a maximum straightening capacity of 1.654" with 41 metric tons of force these hydraulic cutting heads can power through the toughest jobs.  Feature  rugged cast cutter bodies available in rear or front facing handle and optional 180 Degree rotating tool handle.

Their line of Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Pumps designed specifically to get optimal performance from the hydraulic straightening heads. These high-volume pumps provide a fast cutting cycle with 2-way solenoid valves. Pumps generate over 10,000 psi and are available with up to 13-gallon capacity. Heavy-duty hoses feature tough covers to protect from damage. Available in different oil holding capacities. Pumps purchased separately.

Straightening Capacity: 32 mm (1.259") Max    Cutting Force: 36 Metric Tons     Weight: 42 lbs.

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